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Echo PAS 265ES Power Unit From Diamond Mowers At Great Prices Out Of Stock

Echo PAS 265ES Power Unit


29The PAS-265ES Multi-tool has a 25.4cc ECHO engine connected to a half length driveshaft. It features Easy Start for easy starting, a loop handle and grouped cluster controls. Eight, optional tools can be fitted quickly and easily, simply by pushing and tightening the preferred attachment to the engine unit

• Powerful 25.4cc 2-stroke engine
• Easy Start system for quick, effortless starting
• Stage 2 compliant low emission engine
• Loop handle
• Grouped cluster controls
• Fix attachments simply by pushing and tightening
• Heavy-duty driveshaft
• ECHO power tools come with a five year domestic warranty or a two year warranty in professional use (registration of ECHO products and servicing are necessary to validate the warranty)

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Echo PAS Blower


Fit the optional Blower attachment to the Multi-tool engine unit to create a power blower for blowing leaves and other light debris

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Echo PAS Hedgecutter Attatchment


The optional ECHO articulating hedge cutter attachment features a blade which articulates from 0 to 90° in 15° increments. Fitted with a double reciprocating double-sided blade, the Multi-tool becomes a versatile hedge cutter

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Echo PAS Trimmer Attachment


This optional attachment converts the ECHO Multi-Tool into a commercial-grade trimmer, using a nylon line cutting head

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Honda SSBC


With its reinforced nylon head and tap & go line extension, the Linecutter attachment makes light work of hard to reach and the most unkempt of areas.

You even have an optional 3-tooth blade for heavy-duty areas.


Honda SSBL Blower From Diamond Mowers At Great Prices Out Of Stock

Honda SSBL Blower


The Blower attachment has a powerful targeted airflow parallel to the ground which decreases usable air stream losses.

With the air intake from the top, the Blower won’t get clogged which means it can keep going as long as you can


Honda SSCL Cultivator From Diamond Mowers At Great Prices Out Of Stock

Honda SSCL Cultivator


Ideal for small vegetable patches or flowerbeds. The Cultivator’s 20cm working width gives you accuracy when moving around tight beds.

And the 4-stroke, high torque performance engine takes the heavy work out of tackling compacted soil


Honda SSES-L Extension Out Of Stock

Honda SSES-L Extension


When you need extra help getting to those harder to reach areas a 100cm extension shaft is just what you need.

Also suitable for hedge trimming and pruning


Honda SSET Edger Out Of Stock

Honda SSET Edger


The Edger attachment makes it easy to give your lawn a neat finish.

It also has a tough long-lasting metal anti-wearing strip, so it works hard without letting you down.