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Agri-Fab Smart Link Base 45-0473

£199.00 inc VAT

The Agri-Fab 45-0473 SmartLINK Master Platform accepts all SmartLINK attachments. The SmartLINK system locking device enables attachments to lock in and unlock in seconds. Check out all the attachments that are available including the plug aerator, tine dethatcher, a curved blade aerator and a poly roller.
Additional benefits: Durable heavy Steel deck
Warranty: 1 year

Agri-Fab SmartLINK Curved Blade Aerator

£145.00 inc VAT

The Agri-Fab 45-0458 SmartLINK Turf Shark Curved Blade Aerator is a patented design combining the best features of a plug aerator and a spike aerator. The turf shark spike wheels provide the perfect amount of penetration and soil plug removal without the mess associated with plug aerators. The curved blade aerator cuts slits into the ground to a considerable depth but then claws out slivers of earth allowing access for fertiliser, seed, water and air. The scattered earth is much less obstrusive than when you use a plug-type aerator. If your lawn or playing area is particularly compacted or consists of hard soils like clay, removal of earth allows it room to loosen up. This unit has a 42″/107cm working width with 10 galvanised blades for rustproof durability. The Agri-Fab SmartLINK Turf Shark Curved Blade Aerator can be attached to the SmartLINK Master Platform in seconds
Requires Smart link base

Agri-Fab SmartLINK De Thatcher

£135.00 inc VAT

The Agri-Fab 45-0457 SmartLINK Tine Dethatcher features 20 durable heat treated spring loaded tines. The whole unit is constructed from steel and features a heavy duty tray to add weight for extra penetration. This tine dethatcher attaches to the Agri-Fab SmartLINK Master Platform in seconds. Used regularly the tine dethatcher will remove moss and thatch providing you with a healthier lawn which will look its best all through the year.
Requires Smart link base

Agri-Fab SmartLINK Plug Aerator

£145.00 inc VAT

The Agri-Fab 42″ removes soil plugs from the lawn helping loosen up compacted soil, which in turn helps the grass to grow healthily. This is especially important in easily compacted soil (like clay), heavy-duty areas and burned out, drought damaged lawns. Aerators should be used in the Spring or late Autumn, whenever the lawn’s moisture content is high. There are six aerator knives , galvanised for rustproof durability and the main frame is made of heavy-duty steel. Check out the other attachments that are available including the tine dethatcher, a curved blade aerator and a poly roller.
Additional benefits: Durable heavy Steel deck
Warranty: 1 year
Requires Smart link base

Agri-Fab SmartLINK Poly Roller

£289.00 inc VAT

The Agri-Fab 45-0459 SmartLINK 42″/107cm Poly Roller is a tow behind unit that can be attached to the Agri-Fab SmartLINK Master Platform in seconds without the need for tools. This lawn roller can be ballasted with either water or sand to change its weight according to the conditions. This easy to use poly roller flattens uneven ground or grass due to frost or moles and can pack down newly sown seed.
Requires Smart link base

Allett CLAS 14L 35cm Petrol Cylinder Lawnmower

£759.00 inc VAT

A self-propelled mower powered by an economical four-stroke petrol engine producing low levels of noise and emissions. Available in a choice of two cutting widths, bringing an exceptional cut to smaller lawns while being easy also to handle and manoeuvre. Fitted as standard with a five-bladed Qc (Quick Cartridge) precision cutting cylinder, quickly interchangeable with an optional Qc scarifier unit.

Ariens APV Self Propelled Vacuum

£925.00 inc VAT

Vacuum the outdoors with the new Ariens All-Purpose Vacuum (APV).  The APV(R) allows you to quickly collect litter, leaves and debris without picking up a rake.  The APV is packed with innovative features that make it easy to use.  The Rite-Hite handlebar adjustment offers 5 operating positions that provide a comfortable working experience for people of all heights.  You can store the APV with the handlebars straight up and down or completely folded over dramatically reducing the space needed to store the APV.  Rite-Hite also makes removing and replacing the bag easier.  Simply adjust the handlebars to the upright position and remove the bag.  The APV’s zipperless, no fastener, wire formed bag is quick and easy to empty and its poly felt material and integrated dust skirt protect the operator from dust and debris that may seep through the bag.  Adjusting the suction height is a breeze.  Simply pull up on the lever and move the pin to 1 of 17 positions.  The suction range is 0 to 5 inches.

Ariens Razor E Start 53cm Lawnmower

£625.00 inc VAT

The Ariens Razor™ Walk Behind Lawn Mower will provide you with professionally manicured results. This mower is packed with many innovative features that make it easy to use. The exclusive Rite-Hite™ handlebar adjustment allows for the ability to adjust the height of the handle from the operator position by pushing the bail forward. You can easily select one of 7 cutting heights with the single point height of cut adjustment. The 3-in-1 system makes it easy for you to quickly transition from mulch to bag to side-discharge.  The deep domed deck design provides excellent performance in all cutting modes. This combination of innovative features and attention to detail define razor sharp performance. This may be the last mower you ever buy.

Introducing the new Ariens Razor walk behind lawnmower! The Ariens Razor lawnmower is full of ground-breaking features that puts the competition to shame. Some of the benefits include:
A 2mm steel stamped “Deep dome deck” pitched from 4.5 to 5” to provide maximum airflow through the cutting process

  • Single height of cut adjustment with 7 cutting positions ranging from 1-4”
  • All steel gears in the wheels and axle
  • Premium 175cc Subaru engine Key Start
  • Squeeze box variable speed control
  • Bale cover that provides maximum comfort and ergonomics to the user
  • 71 litre bag capacity
  • 2-in-1 deck with mulching and bagging ability
  • Electric Start

Ariens Razor SP 53cm

£569.00 inc VAT

The Ariens RAZOR SP features a powerful 175cc Subaru OHC engine, has a 21″ cutting width and a steel deck,which offeers the fascility to mulch/dide discharge, and collect.This range has been built with an impressive list of design engineered innovations these being Rite Hite handlebar adjustment, which allows the user to adjust the height of the hanle by pushing the bail forward. Other features include a 7 position height of cut, with single point height adjustment, steel wheels for extra strength, and is fitted with a 71 litre collection bag.



£184.99 inc VAT

Tidying your garden has never been so easy. The Cobra BP43C Backpack Blower with easy starting engine is not only lightweight, but with its ergonomically designed and well-padded carrying frame has improved support and balance.

* This lightweight but powerful 43cc Backpack Blower is ideal for medium to large areas. Ergonomically positioned operator controls, Cobra puts the power in your hands.

* It has been designed to make clearing your garden a simple and effortless task. The ergonomically positioned controls not only make operator use more comfortable, but more importantly, make using the Cobra BP43C Backpack Blower as safe as possible.

Engine Capacity (cc) 43cc Cobra

Weight (kg) 6.5

Max air throughout (m3/h) 865m3/h

Max Domestic Warranty (mth) 24


£139.99 inc VAT

Engine Capacity (cc) 25.4

Weight (kg) 5.8

Noise value (dB) 108

Max Domestic Warranty (mth) 12

Using this hand held petrol blower vac you can make any area small or large

nice and clean without having to brake your back using a sweeping brush

99% Cleaner than Unleaded Fuel.



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