Agri-Fab SmartLINK Curved Blade Aerator

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The Agri-Fab 45-0458 SmartLINK Turf Shark Curved Blade Aerator is a patented design combining the best features of a plug aerator and a spike aerator. The turf shark spike wheels provide the perfect amount of penetration and soil plug removal without the mess associated with plug aerators. The curved blade aerator cuts slits into the ground to a considerable depth but then claws out slivers of earth allowing access for fertiliser, seed, water and air. The scattered earth is much less obstrusive than when you use a plug-type aerator. If your lawn or playing area is particularly compacted or consists of hard soils like clay, removal of earth allows it room to loosen up. This unit has a 42″/107cm working width with 10 galvanised blades for rustproof durability. The Agri-Fab SmartLINK Turf Shark Curved Blade Aerator can be attached to the SmartLINK Master Platform in seconds
Requires Smart link base

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Agri-Fab SmartLINK Curved Blade Aerator

Agri-Fab SmartLINK Curved Blade Aerator, When you aerate your lawn, you are opening up the soil surface to let grass roots get the air and moisture it needs for healthy growth.

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The Agri-Fab Smart Series is an innovative range of garden tools and attachments that will take care of all your lawn care needs. The Agri-Fab SmartLINK System features two aerators, a dethatcher and a lawn roller in one easy to use system. Agri-Fab’s time saving products will ensure you get the most out of your Garden Tractor.