Masport RRSP 18″ Briggs and Straton Instart Engine

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Masport RRSP 18″ Briggs and Stratton Instart engine

Every lawn is different which is why Masport has developed a comprehensive range of lawn and garden equipment. Masport mowers have been designed to meet the needs of the heaviest lawn conditions and the longest mowing times, therefore they are built to last. The models in the Masport range are feature rich, innovative and truly high performance mowers. Regardless of whether you see taking care of your lawn as a pleasure or a chore, Masport has the equipment to help you realise your vision, while suiting your lifestyle and budget.

The Rotarola In Start combines the excellent striped finish of a roller mower with the efficiency of a rotary mower. The beauty of having a rear roller is that you can mow over the edge of your lawn without tipping the machine, as the rear roller acts as a stabiliser. When mowing in wet / damp conditions the Rotarola collection is not hindered due to the full width rear ejection channel. The 46cm/18” Rotarola can also be used without the catcher as the flap allows grass to be discharged to the rear. The Rotarola is fitted with cam locks to easily fold the handle down and the quick cut swing back blade system which is designed to protect the crankshaft from damage should the blade strike a solid object. Powered by the Briggs & Stratton EXI series 163cc InStart engine.


  • 675 EXI INSTART OHV 163cc – Ready Start
  • 46cm/18” Cutting Width
  • Alloy Deck
  • Quick cut Blade
  • 13-52mm Cutting Height
  • Single Lever Height Adjust
  • Folding Handle Bars – Cam Locks
  • Steel Rear Roller

Adjustable Dual Bearing Wheels

Masport’s ball bearing wheels make the mower easy to push and with a threaded axle and nut the wheels can easily be adjusted if they become loose after significant use.

Self Propelled

Let the mower do the work, These models are fitted with a self drive system, all you need to do is squeeze the handle.

Fabric Catcher

Light weight fabric catcher on a sturdy steel frame. Well vented for excellent catching performance. Will hold 45 litres on 200ST machines & 60 litres on Series 700 machines.

Briggs and Stratton Instart Engine

Tired of pulling a rope to get your lawn mower engine started? Our InStart technology means no more pulling the cord to start mowing: just push the button or turn the key for instant starting! With the latest lithium-ion battery technology, InStart provides the ultimate in starting performance. With only one charge, the battery gives you easy starting throughout the entire mow season!

InStart is the perfect combination of two worlds. The engine delivers the power and performance of a petrol engine, while the InStart technology gives you the easy battery starting of an electric mower. No more pulling the cord and no electric cable limiting your flexibility.

The lithium-ion battery lasts up to 3x longer than lead acid batteries. Thanks to the rapid charging, you can fully charge the battery in one hour, delivering more than 75 starts. Do you need to mow your lawn right away and does your battery turn out to be empty? In only 10 minutes charge time, the battery provides up to 20 starts.

Start effortlessly and mow wherever you want, every time. Easiest starting lawn mower ever!

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Masport RRSP 18″ Briggs and Stratton Instart Enginefrom Diamond Mowers at Great Prices

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